Friday, November 21, 2014

Hey Friends, Family and Happy Carpet Riders!

Hey Friends, Family and Happy Carpet Riders!

I like to keep you updated on the latest crazy & fun stuff going on with my music and performances. 2014 has been everything I had expected and more! I have just come off my solo performance at “The Bitter End” in NYC and let me tell you the venue was as legendary and fun as it is written about. Legendary artists who have performed there include everyone from James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Carly Simon, David Crosby, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell to Lady Gaga, Norah Jones, John Maher and Taylor Swift. See the (almost) full list here

What is amazing is “The Bitter End” seems just like another NYC club, but when you look at the walls and see old posters and ads for “Joni Mitchell” and “Neil Young” it is just insane to think of the legends that played on the same stage. I was fully honored to play there. I was part of the “Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase” which was hosted by my vocal coach “Samantha Cole” and in just three showcases she has taken it from Nov 2013 at the “Market Place” and “Max 40” in May 2014 both in Danbury CT, and now to “The Bitter End” in NYC.
Not only was it a legendary venue but there were legends in the audience. Including Simon Kirke who was the drummer in “Mott the Hoople” and he was later the drummer for “Bad Company” the Grammy winning rock band. Simon Kirke is now a Governor on the Grammy Committee.  Also some influential writers, producers, and talent scouts were there at the show. Samantha’s vocal instructor, Bill Riley who had worked with Celine Dion and Whitney Houston among many others, was at the show. I performed my new song “It’s Her Eyes” which is reggae styled tune, to set you up on the beach under the moonlight. It was very well received. I still can’t believe the drummer from Bad Company was clapping along to my new song! That’s Just Sick!
While back in CT I have recruited an array of great artists and we are performing as “Scott Bounty & Friends Magic Carpet Ride Show”. We played “The Lumberyard Pub” in Redding twice in late summer and October and at “The Inn at Newtown” at “Proud Mary’s” Nov 1, 2014. Each show was great with a bigger following each time of new and regular audience members.
As far as players; I am rotating talent. I have reunited with Vincent Labozzetta on bass and Mark Kravarik on drums, and brought in fellow Celebrity Voice clients Darryel Pratt on guitar and vocals and Theresa Pannetta and Alexa Rossario singing. Also Dennis Lapak (The Mother Road) and John Maddox sat in both on guitar and Dennis on harmonica. Winston Wisehart has been killin’ in on sax.

 I hand-picked these folks above because they are really into it, and all are really great performers. The vocals Theresa, Alexa and Samantha bring are fantastic. So, a lot is going on. While I expect to spend most of Nov/Dec and 2015 in the studio, I also will be booking gigs regularly in the area under “Scott Bounty & Friends”, which will be at least a duo, and probably many on stage at once, including the folks I mentioned above and also new special guests. THE COOLEST PART IS YOU NEVER KNOW WHO WILL BE PERFORMING – EVEN I DON’T KNOW YET! ~ NO TWO SHOWS ARE THE SAME, BUT THEY ARE ALWAYS GREAT ~!
I really hope you can come out to see my shows and download some of the songs at I also have some free ones that are “just for fun”. Also, I can book my band for you at a great rate, since we love private parties…
Scott Bounty & Producer Charlie Karp

 I have started an album in the studio.  On the album will be my song “Hey Baby, It’s Alright” which was recorded at Five Towns College in LI (John Lennon Music Room) with Samantha Cole helping out on vocals. Also expect to include my new song “It’s Her Eyes” which is in the process of being recorded in various studios in CT. Helping out on production of the album is Charlie Karp (Buddy Miles Band) and CT’s Lucinda and Michael, who recently returned from their tour in Nashville. All are amazing performers with albums and Charlie has an Emmy. I expect to learn a lot in their studios and I really can’t wait to share their stories with you as time progresses. I am looking for ideas about what cover song to include on the album, please send your ideas, or suggestions to me. I can be reached via phone/text at 203 885-6174 and online at and also please visit for more updates.

As a side note, some of you know I am friends with Devon Allman (Gregg Allman’s son). I only know Devon after hangin’ with him after his shows but he is really great, and we stay in touch. If you get a chance listen and download his new CD “Ragged and Dirty” it’s amazing. My favorite is “Midnight Lake Michigan” recorded live in one take. His album is taking off really, really well with great reviews. I am very happy for Devon.
I also hope that you are having a great year and if you ever are on the fence about living out your passion now is the time to start. I am not recommending “quitting your day job” but I that did in 2012, and although I am working in software still I have shifted a great deal of my time towards the music and it is really, really rewarding.

Thanks for reading and please share this. I expect 2015 to be even better and I hope your dreams are coming true for you!~

Peace to You,


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Written by: Kala Shelby October 4, 2014

It’s been a great season for music in Connecticut lately, and Scott Bounty returning from Delaware is no exception. “I had fun sitting in with some bands in Willmington DE and the people were really nice, but it is great to be back in the CT\NYC area”, said Scott.  

Scott has organized some local talent whom he met while working on his solo projects. Some of those include singer and guitarist Darryel Pratt, and vocalist Theresa Panetta. Both are extremely talented performers and when they joined Scott on stage with Alexa Rosario, and old friends Vinny on bass, John Maddox on guitar, Mark on drums and Winston on sax things sounded really, really great.

 “Theresa and Alexa are like icing on the cake when they sing and harmonize together” said Scott. “Not only did Theresa do an amazing job on Neil Young’s ‘Down by the River’ but Alexa nailed ‘Hotel California’ “.  The band “Scott Bounty & Friends MagicCarpet Ride” landed at the classic “Lumberyard Pub” in Redding CT last month on September  6th.

In that show, Darryel Pratt hit up some classic Levon Helms and covered “Sweet Melissa” by the Allman Brothers. That moved the audience and the band ended with the Grateful Dead version of “Good Lovin’”. Scott was smiling ear to ear all night. “It’s easy when you surround yourself with great talent” said Scott.

There will be more of the same to come this month when “Scott Bounty & Friend’s Magic Carpet Jam” returns to the Lumberyard Pub at 9PM on Saturday October 25th. “I love playing in my hometown” said Scott. “I miss the old Georgetown Saloon, but the Lumberyard Pub brings back those times to me” he said.

Check out videos of the Sept 6th show on and follow updates on both and for upcoming shows. 

Scott Bounty, Darryel Pratt, Alexa Rosario and Theresa Panneta, will also be performing at the legendary “Bitter End” in NYC on October 30th, all part of the Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase" premiering that night.

For booking and scheduling information contact "Magic Carpet Ride Productions" at 203 885 6174.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Here we are are in under 46 hours from the big MAY 15, 2014 Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase at MAX 40 in Danbury CT starting at 7:00 PM and things are really getting exciting...
I am co-producing, so this is the latest: 

Actor Vinny Vella (Soprano's, Analyze This, Casino) had Jerome, Samantha, and Chase on his TV show which aired last Saturday night. We were happy to see them perform and Vinny will be co-hosting Thursday 5/15/14 at MAX 40 in Danbury.
Also on the 15th we know we have two producers and writers who have confirmed they are joining us, as guests for the dinner show. I want to leave names anonymous for now but they have worked with stars such as Celine Dion and Lionel Richie along with our very own Samantha Cole.

We also have heard that CT CHANNEL 8 TV NEWS may report on the CVC Platform Showcase. We would like that for the Showcase. This will depend on what other live news is happening in the state, but chances are pretty good.

 Rehearsal was amazing and we worked out the order and collaboration for the evening's performance. This is not a competition but is a shared platform where Samantha Cole's voice students will shine!

And for your clever readers here is sneak peak at the set lists from the official Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase Program for MAY 15, 2014.

You can visit Samantha Cole's Voice Coaching site She is always accepting new students. Don't be afraid to work with Samantha, she is very reassuring! See you Thursday 5/15/14 at the Showcase!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Well yesterday was one of those days where you actually say, is this really happening? I have been working over the past year with International Recording Artist Samantha Cole. Samantha is my vocal coach and producer, had she has an amazing background in music and production. We are co-producing a showcase for her students, "Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase" and she is producing a CD of her student's work to present at the show. I have been trying to get into the studio to record some of my music and that all came together within 3 days of "not planning"! I am a strong believer in Fate, and Faith and I know all things line up in the Universe for a reason. Yesterday I was at the Performing Arts School - Five Towns College in Dix Hills NY out on Long Island. My producer\voice coach\alumni Samantha Cole has access to the amazing studio and an amazing professor who teaches Sound Engineering. He would not drop names but I insisted and he smiled and told me he worked with Steve Howe from Yes on a project in the same studio! Yoko Ono helped sponsor the department named the "John Lennon Center for Music and Technology"...well I thought I died and went to Heaven man!

The sound board alone is worth over 1/2 a million and there was equipment there from the analog days, to brand new state of the art amps, boards, computers, mixers - you name it. Scott Bounty Samantha Cole is an amazing singer, actor, model and celebrity who I was fortunate enough to meet in CT. Samantha was discovered at age 19 by Universal Studios after performing in NYC and on MTV's "The Grind" show. She was produced by David Foster, Nile Rogers, Richard Marx and others in 1997 and had a top hit album that year called "Samantha Cole".

Samantha is also is well known for her duo with Reggae Star "Shaggy" on the hit "Luv Me, Luv Me". That little number has over 5 million hits on YouTube! Check out the show we are producing May 15, 2014 in Connecticut "Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase" Samantha Cole In addition to Samantha producing, she sang on the chorus on "Shining Bright".

For the per-release version of "Shining Bright", please see this site for a direct purchase and other songs of mine. Also you can find more on WWW.SCOTTBOUNTY.COM and click the "Music and Video" link on the left side. Please see the comments section and leave comments, I would like to hear from ya!