Sunday, February 15, 2015

“On the Road Again”….Well, not too far for me…I really never play out of CT much so “On the Road” means drivin’ down to the Lumberyard Pub in Georgetown CT to play. I like to play there for several reasons. The owners, Mike and Sandy are really great, and have decided not to sell the Lumberyard after receiving several asking price offers. They said it was because the potential new owners would change everything including the staff. Mike and Sandy stick to their guns and I like that. They offer great food, at reasonable prices and it is a big place. The outdoor fire pit is great too!

 For those that don’t know where Georgetown CT is, it is located where Route 7 and Route 107 meet. The town is nestled between Wilton, Weston, Ridgefield and of course part of Redding CT.

Many of my classmates and long-time friend live near there and I often see them “out and about”. I used to work at the “Olde York Pub” and I flipped burgers there between 1978 and 1982 or so. So the town has a lot of memories for me.

Scott Bounty & Friends @ The Lumberyard Pub Oct 2014

 Here is the Lumberyard Pub website..

They like the music we play it is full of memories new and old. I hope you can come down and say hello at the The Lumberyard Pub over Feb and March. I will be hosting and playing with some great talent there Saturday February 21 including members of the Grateful Dead cover band “Ship of Fools” 

"Ship of Fools - Grateful Dead Cover Band"
The Amazing Winston Wisehart on Sax!

Playing with me 9PM at the Lumberyard Pub in Redding CT -  Sat 2/21/15 "Ship of Fools" members Tony Bennie, Dave Moses and Doug E Fresh, along  with the most amazing sax player WInston Wisehart. “Ship of Fools” specializes in GRATEFUL DEAD high energy songs. I will be mixing in my songs and some covers too!

I will again be hosting another night Saturday March 21, 2015 at the Lumberyard Pub and then back to the Inn at Newtown in Proud Mary’s lounge Sat May 2, 2015. Special guests will be announced for those shows soon.  
Scott's Carpet Ride with Special Guest ~ Charlie Karp ~ Friday Jan 30, 2015
The premise of my “Magic Carpet Ride” shows is to “Never Have the Same Show Twice”. And that is certainly been the case. At my last show, I was joined by the legendary Charlie Karp who is also producing my debut album. Charlie smoked up some hot licks and we had an amazing time and the crowd was full to capacity. That did not surprise me but I do think a new generation of local fans got to experience Charlie Karp for the first time. Look up Charlie Karp on Google. He was hired by Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix) and Charlie hung out and played with Jimi Hendrix and Buddy back in the day.. Imagine that? Really? The world’s best guitarist and you jamming in 1970(?) What The Hell Charlie, REALLY???? And Charlie is sooo humble about it. I asked Charlie what his favorite gig was, and he said “I think when we played at the Cotton Bowl and opened for Three Dog Night to a crowd of 80,000 people and a seeing us (Buddy Miles Band) on the big Trinitron screen”. I bet Charlie, I bet!!

Charlie is a legend, he has gone on to record and produce many albums co-writing etc. You can follow his bio on I am mentioning him because I selected him to produce my debut album. My decision was based on shopping around and choosing the one producer who was the best fit for me. He is an amazing talent, guitarist, writer and singer. He is perfect for my style, he is close to home, and a lot of fun to work with. And no project is too small. If you have ever had in interest in producing your own work, or co-writing or collaborating consider Charlie Karp. I can offer you a referral and get you on his schedule, or you of course can contact him directly. Please tell him I mentioned him to you. It is all about good Karma and people helping each other.

I appreciate your support and interest in in my music.  Soon I we will have the album ready for release.  And be sure that Charlie Karp will be all over singing and playing too! Releasing an album is a huge step for me and I am both excited and a bit apprehensive. So far based on some market analysis, the reviews are very positive. I wanted to share a life-long accumulation of songs that I wrote and I am also currently writing. Writing music and producing is an extremely positive experience for me, and I recommend you try it, or at least some sort of artwork. Do it now, because we all “Never Know!”

The first track we cut is this one. .. below is a "Pre-Release" version of "It's Her Eyes" which is not mixed down but I really like this version with my producer Charlie Karp playing bass and singing background vocals.. let me know if you like it! And please share this blog! This song is a "chill out and look your girl's eyes" type of song~

I hope to see you soon and if you want me to stop these emails just say so, if you DO like them, please say so too!

Take Care,