Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Here we are are in under 46 hours from the big MAY 15, 2014 Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase at MAX 40 in Danbury CT starting at 7:00 PM and things are really getting exciting...
I am co-producing, so this is the latest: 

Actor Vinny Vella (Soprano's, Analyze This, Casino) had Jerome, Samantha, and Chase on his TV show which aired last Saturday night. We were happy to see them perform and Vinny will be co-hosting Thursday 5/15/14 at MAX 40 in Danbury.
Also on the 15th we know we have two producers and writers who have confirmed they are joining us, as guests for the dinner show. I want to leave names anonymous for now but they have worked with stars such as Celine Dion and Lionel Richie along with our very own Samantha Cole.

We also have heard that CT CHANNEL 8 TV NEWS may report on the CVC Platform Showcase. We would like that for the Showcase. This will depend on what other live news is happening in the state, but chances are pretty good.

 Rehearsal was amazing and we worked out the order and collaboration for the evening's performance. This is not a competition but is a shared platform where Samantha Cole's voice students will shine!

And for your clever readers here is sneak peak at the set lists from the official Celebrity Voice Coach Platform Showcase Program for MAY 15, 2014.

You can visit Samantha Cole's Voice Coaching site www.celebrityvoicecoach.com. She is always accepting new students. Don't be afraid to work with Samantha, she is very reassuring! See you Thursday 5/15/14 at the Showcase!