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While working on this album “The Time is Now” over the last 12 months, I have learned so much about songwriting, performing and music production. Most of this is due to the vast years of experience that Charlie Karp has shared, and the top quality sound engineering and drumming by Mark Rudzinski.

Charlie’s story is an amazing one, you should read up on him on his web-site He was discovered by Buddy Miles (Band of Gypsies with Jimi Hendrix) and toured with Buddy Miles opening for Jimi Hendrix and on other world tours.

Album Sound Production..
In "CK Studios" with sound engineer Will Early, tracking.
This is one of the best videos online available now of Charlie but there are many . It is whe PLAYBOY>> The Buddy Miles played on the Playboy After Dark show in the 70’s. Charlie is the tall kid on the far left in the sweater playing lead guitar. I love Hugh Hefner’s line “Oh Byron, he’s also playing in the den”... LOL

One of the best concerts he said was opening for Three Dog Night (80,000 fans at one show at the Cotton Bowl) and hundreds of concerts worldwide. they recorded 4 albums and toured for 5 years. Buddy Miles also had an amazing career. Charlie later went on to write and produce albums with Danny Kortchmar (James Taylor, Carly Simon, Don Henley) and others.

Charlie grew up in Westport CT as a teenager in the vibrant late 60’s when rock and blues was smashing the main stream radio and concert scene. Bands like “The Yardbirds”, “The Animals”, “The Doors” and other huge international acts we being booked ironically at Westport CT Staples High School. Charlie Karp’s band would open or perform for these acts repeatedly. That is how he met Buddy Miles, Buddy needed a band to support him in Westport and Charlie’s band was the hottest band around. When Buddy Miles heard Charlie Karp play, that was it!!! Charlie was the new kid in Buddy’s band playing lead guitar for “The Buddy Miles Band”.

In this video filmed in Finland you can advance to 2:09 for a close up of Charlie Karp playing in the Buddy Miles 1971  and again at the 3:00 mark.

Charlie has done a lot since working with Buddy Miles. Charlie is locally famous for the night his friend Keith Richards showed up at the Georgetown Saloon while Charlie and Danny Kortchmar were playing and Keith played on stage for several songs..People won’t forget that story for a long, long time around here.

I met Charlie Karp when I booked his band in 2012 for a fundraising event I held called “Music for Veterans” which raised money for our returning war veterans. Charlie’s band (among 4 other bands) had the place rockin’ and the event proved to be very successful. In a proof of “Putting something great out into the Universe” great karma proved to return…simply because Charlie and stayed in touch via email since that event.   

In October 2014 I visited Charlie at his studio “CK Studios” and I played some of my material and he played some of his, we hit it off instantly Charlie has hundreds of original songs in his catalog. We jammed on “Down By the River” which he had recorded with Buddy Miles in the 1970’s (great version you should find it) and other free form stuff.

He knew I was planning on a solo album and after a couple of sessions Charlie said, “So let me hear what you’ve got”. I really did not have that much material formally written but I had all these song parts in my head and some on a digital 8 track. I had some lyrics and the song “It’s Her Eyes” was complete, but most of the others were not.


  Charlie Karp playing on
Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio
I started playing the intro to “Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio”.  I started to sing “Midnight Radio” over the D major intro to the C/G “Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio….are you playin’ our song?……” Charlie immediately said “Play that again!!!!!” I did and he said “That is good!!! That is really good!”… and he started singing and playing along. I was kind of astonished since I just wrote that part about a week earlier with help from our daughter Nicole on the lyrics and changes. Charlie said, “keep playing it” and I said “I don’t have the lyrics finished but I will soon”. For weeks and later Charlie kept saying, play “Midnight Radio” again, and I said “it’s not ready” and he looked baffled..

Finally by late November 2014 I said, “Midnight Radio, here it is, I think I have it almost done” and I played it for him and we had my digital 8 track recorder and Charlie said; “I LOVE THAT SONG” and I said; “I am glad you like it, that’s music to my ears!!”. .pun intended!            

Usually I mess around with chord changes, and then later add lyrics. That is what happened with “Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio”. I had a progress from D major to C/G and I really liked the slow feel with just those chords meshing. In the past I used to think good songs had to have many chord changes to be good. I realized after some really intense listening that that is not the case in most instances. Some of the best and most appreciated songs are actually very, very simple. “Less is More” is something my dad used to say sometimes. It is a philosophy passed down from his family. His mother’s family the “Smiths” were settled in CT in the late 1600’s. Lord knows they had less than more back then!

So I started the song’s chords with D, and that sweep to C/G it is actually a Em#5/G chord as shown here in the second chord chart box. The visual concept I found in my head was of a long desert highway at night, at midnight. When someone driving for work, maybe a truck driver would be out along the highway in solitude. I visioned a long highway with little traffic at night in the desert.  Not necessarily  lonely but peaceful. I pictured the driver thinking very hard about his girl back home. “Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio, are you playing our song, are you playing our sooooonnnnng?” Is she still being faithful and keeping him in her heart while he is so far away? The driver uses the radio, which keeps him company while driving on such a lonely stretch of highway, but he can’t help but wonder if she is faithful. The radio “fades in and out”.. like their relationship. I think we can all relate to that sometimes.

I worked hard on the lyrics and our daughter Nicole helped with the chorus, she suggested having the chorus sing over the chord changes of F, Am, C, G, D… I realized that was an excellent suggestion on her part. The song actually has two choruses which is unusual, So it started out simple, but the first chorus starts out on the D to the C/G, then the full chorus on the F, Am, C, G and D. People seem to love that song. So far, it is the most appreciated of the 5 songs.

I commissioned a friend Anna Roberts to do a painting on the song. I said “please listen to it and paint what you hear.. She did, and Anna did a great, great job. Here it is, can you find the references to the lyrics?

Here is Anna’s work below: You can find more of her work on Facebook
midnight radio.jpg

The album is available on iTunes and directly for a discount at

To be continued...stay tuned....


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Sunday, August 23, 2015

ALBUM RELEASE NEWS - by Carly Stevens

Artwork: Anna Roberts


ARTIST: Scott Bounty
PRODUCED BY: Charlie Karp
ENGINEER: Mark Rudzinski  



Scott Bounty
The five song EP will feature two songs written by Scott Bounty and three songs co-written by Charlie Karp and Scott Bounty. Sound engineering and mixing was handled by Mark Rudzinski.

In the style of Folk Rock, Jam Band, Country and Blues along with some eclectic sounds, Scott will be releasing the five song EP in the Fall of 2015. The exact date is to be announced. The songs represent and culmination of chord progressions and concepts started decades ago. "Now's The Time" refers to a long time in the waiting for new material to be shared by Scott who has been performing for over 30 years. It also references an important phenomenon of 'Living in the Moment'.

"Charlie Karp's enthusiasm and experience shines on each cut with his performance and collaboration with me. He has definitely brought the best out in the material." said Scott. "Recording started in October 2014 on a TASCAM DP-03SD 8-track Digital Portastudio and ended up in two Fairfield County studios with hours of detailed layers, including banjos, keyboards, a 1936 Gibson (on Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio), a National steel guitar and live percussion to round out the textures and sounds." He said.

Mark Rudzinski

Mark Rudzinski, who does live sound for "The Band" members touring as "The Weight" has added his decades of experience on each track by recording, mixing and his percussion work. Charlie plays bass, guitars, banjo and provides vocal harmonies and backup. Details in the studio can be heard on each cut. "These guys are really precise. I learned so much in each session. There was the perfect balance of give and take, and mutual idea exchange. I would not change a thing. Being new in the studio all my ideas ending up being really long songs, like 8 minutes. We had to cut them down for the album. But we decided to offer extended versions online with the purchase of the album. So in essence everyone is getting ten songs. Each one will have an extended version online." he said.

Charlie Karp playing Scott's '75 Tele Deluxe
  Scott covers lead vocals, acoustic guitars and electric guitars. "I played Charlie's Stratocaster and he played my Telecaster on one cut, and I played a new Taylor C14 which I purchased the week before recording on 'What Matters'. Charlie and I go back and forth on some leads, I play the Taylor, he plays his Strat and we reversed his parts which give it a truly psychedelic feel. Charlie has jammed with Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, toured with Buddy Miles and co-wrote and performed with Danny Kortchmar.... Is it a thrill to play and work with Charlie Karp? You better believe it!" Said Scott.

Purchase of the album will include links to online interviews, studio recordings, pre-mixes and alternative mixes, along with back stories and details on upcoming CD Release Parties, Private Concerts and Promotional discounts, tickets and other advance information.

"We started recording in October in 2014. This was delayed by some equipment issues in the studio, however some of the most creative sessions came from that collaborative time. Charlie and I agreed to have some 'pre-production' sessions which proved priceless to the value of the material. Sometimes recording studios are strictly business with predefined plans. I intentionally did not want that. Knowing how experienced Charlie is, I knew anything I could glean from his craft would be all icing on the cake. What I did not expect was the level of collaboration and great chemistry we developed." said Scott.

While working over the months on the album, Charlie Karp, Scott Bounty, Winston Wisehart and Anthony Bennie jammed out at the Inn at Newtown in Newtown CT as seen here:


More information and album purchase information, along with exclusive download links and promotional material can be found on Scott's website . There you can sign up to be on a release mailing list to ensure instant notification on the album drop date and other details.

Written by: Carly Stevens

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scott Bounty - Musician: It all comes down to having fun!I hope everyone i...

Scott Bounty - Musician: It all comes down to having fun!
I hope everyone i...
: I t all comes down to having fun! I hope everyone is having a great Spring 2015. I know I am, and June is my favorite month.. Probabl...

It all comes down to having fun!

I hope everyone is having a great Spring 2015. I know I am, and June is my favorite month.. Probably from getting out of school and skipping class and swimming in Great Pond and hang’in in the Barn playing music and pool and camping and, and, and….

I may be 54 years old, but I still feel 18 most of the time. That can’t be more than true this coming weekend. I will be hosting “Songwriter’s Night” at the Lumberyard Pub in West Redding CT, Saturday June 13th, starting at 9PM. This is a platform for you songwriter’s to show your stuff. You can perform and share your ORIGINAL MUSIC. You can have the stage to yourself or we can back you up. We have a full band and this Saturday we will leaning Reggae with some great players who know their stuff.

Then Sunday June 14th,   2015 1PM - 4PM the “UNCOVERED BAND” will be hitting the stage outside at the Lumberyard to kick off “Lumberfest” part of the “Georgetown Day” celebrations in Georgetown CT. This is an annual street festival. Follow the signs and check out Bobby Paltauf’s band after us at 4PM.

A blend of Jam Band, Blues, Funk and Rock -“UNCOVERED” features; Anthony Benny (Bass, Vocals) , Winston Wisehart (Sax, Vocals), John K (Keyboards), Chris Pike (Drums) myself on Guitar and Vocals and some special surprise guests. We are a formation of what has come out of the Songwriter’s nights that we host every second Saturday night at the Lumberyard Pub.

Other music news includes work on my album with Charlie Karp producing and co-writing. Charlie (Buddy Miles Band, Slo Leak, etc.) is a Emmy Award winning writer, musician, guitarist and producer. He has jammed with Jimmy Hendrix, and he knows Keith Richards very closely. He also has done work with Aerosmith, and co-wrote with Danny “Kootch” Korchmar , who has written with James Taylor, Carol King, Don Henley to name a few. Danny wrote “Dirty Laundry” by the Eagles, and “All She Wants to Do is Dance”, among many hits.
So, Charlie and I have been writing, and laying down tracks for the album and now I have decided to release a 5 track EP. I was going for the full album deal, but the material is so full of great songs I have to release it sooner. I just can’t wait. I have waited over 35 years to release an album and the time is now.

That is the gonna be the name of the album “The Time is Now”.  Sort of a reference to “Living in the Moment”.

5 Track EP PLANNED RELEASE DATE: July/Aug 2015
Artwork by Anna Roberts
ALBUM TITLE: “The Time Is Now”

1.       Questions **
2.       Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio *
3.       Jesus On The Phone **
4.       It’s Her Eyes *
5.       What We’ve Got **

     * Written By Scott Bounty
     ** Written By Scott Bounty & Charlie Karp
        Produced By Charlie Karp
        Senior Sound Engineer – Mark Rudzinski
        Sound Engineer - Will Early

Extended versions will be available via the CD sleeve instructions.

What is interesting is how the album has made me review many things in my life and how important it is to do the things that really, really make me happy. If there is one message I can share with you is to do the same. Not only has writing the new material really helped me focus, but I realize the rest of my life is shaping up right alongside of the music. Things were not the best before I started it. The economy took a big toll on our lifestyle. That being said, we made it and are better now for it. I really hope you all are doing great.

Please come out and support not only our shows but the other local shows in your area. Local musicians work very hard for very little money, sometimes none. Buying indie albums and supporting local arts is really, really important. Especially for the younger artists, they rock!
Here is some artwork for the song “Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio” that Anna Roberts did for me. It holds many clues about the song and the message. Can you find the clues? The song is available along with “It’s Her Eyes” on my website to listen to and download as singles.  I am happy to say Charlie has generated some strong interest from some very important publishers for our songs.

Please go to my website and register for updates and free music and promotional items. If anyone knows any production and music distribution teams let me know. I am very interested in finding the right help. I am also developing a website to share with Publishers, Artists and Producers who are interested in licensing our music. More on that later!

A really big show coming up for me is "The Devon Allman After Show Jam" I am hosting at the Crown and Hammer Pub. Go to my website for details. I have been fortunate enough to become good friends with Devon Allman. He has a great solo album out called "Ragged & Dirty". It hit #4 on the Billboard Blues Charts in 2014. I SEE WHY! So he agreed to SIT IN for a few songs July 16th after his show at the Bridge Street Live Cafe in Collinsville CT. We start at 10:00PM and will be jammin with Devon (One Way Out, etc) and some great ideas have been floating around... He rocks. Find him online. He is Gregg Allman's son.

So thanks for reading, stay strong, and stay focused on having fun, healthy and happy! Feel free to email me or call me just to talk. I really like that!

PS: Mountain Jam with Grace Potter and Robert Plant Headlining was amazing. If you have ever done Mountain Jam in Hunter NY you know. If you have not, you will have to do it. If you do, text me I will be there next year “God willin’ and if the creek don’t rise”.

PSS: The new band is looking for gigs. We really like private parties and outdoor shows. We also book as duos, and smaller acts. Just shoot me an email at or text/call 203-885-6174.

PSSS: I bought a new Taylor 314ce Grand Auditorium Cutaway acoustic-electric guitar I am very happy about. Come out and tell me if it sounds ok.. J


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Sunday, February 15, 2015

“On the Road Again”….Well, not too far for me…I really never play out of CT much so “On the Road” means drivin’ down to the Lumberyard Pub in Georgetown CT to play. I like to play there for several reasons. The owners, Mike and Sandy are really great, and have decided not to sell the Lumberyard after receiving several asking price offers. They said it was because the potential new owners would change everything including the staff. Mike and Sandy stick to their guns and I like that. They offer great food, at reasonable prices and it is a big place. The outdoor fire pit is great too!

 For those that don’t know where Georgetown CT is, it is located where Route 7 and Route 107 meet. The town is nestled between Wilton, Weston, Ridgefield and of course part of Redding CT.

Many of my classmates and long-time friend live near there and I often see them “out and about”. I used to work at the “Olde York Pub” and I flipped burgers there between 1978 and 1982 or so. So the town has a lot of memories for me.

Scott Bounty & Friends @ The Lumberyard Pub Oct 2014

 Here is the Lumberyard Pub website..

They like the music we play it is full of memories new and old. I hope you can come down and say hello at the The Lumberyard Pub over Feb and March. I will be hosting and playing with some great talent there Saturday February 21 including members of the Grateful Dead cover band “Ship of Fools” 

"Ship of Fools - Grateful Dead Cover Band"
The Amazing Winston Wisehart on Sax!

Playing with me 9PM at the Lumberyard Pub in Redding CT -  Sat 2/21/15 "Ship of Fools" members Tony Bennie, Dave Moses and Doug E Fresh, along  with the most amazing sax player WInston Wisehart. “Ship of Fools” specializes in GRATEFUL DEAD high energy songs. I will be mixing in my songs and some covers too!

I will again be hosting another night Saturday March 21, 2015 at the Lumberyard Pub and then back to the Inn at Newtown in Proud Mary’s lounge Sat May 2, 2015. Special guests will be announced for those shows soon.  
Scott's Carpet Ride with Special Guest ~ Charlie Karp ~ Friday Jan 30, 2015
The premise of my “Magic Carpet Ride” shows is to “Never Have the Same Show Twice”. And that is certainly been the case. At my last show, I was joined by the legendary Charlie Karp who is also producing my debut album. Charlie smoked up some hot licks and we had an amazing time and the crowd was full to capacity. That did not surprise me but I do think a new generation of local fans got to experience Charlie Karp for the first time. Look up Charlie Karp on Google. He was hired by Buddy Miles (Jimi Hendrix) and Charlie hung out and played with Jimi Hendrix and Buddy back in the day.. Imagine that? Really? The world’s best guitarist and you jamming in 1970(?) What The Hell Charlie, REALLY???? And Charlie is sooo humble about it. I asked Charlie what his favorite gig was, and he said “I think when we played at the Cotton Bowl and opened for Three Dog Night to a crowd of 80,000 people and a seeing us (Buddy Miles Band) on the big Trinitron screen”. I bet Charlie, I bet!!

Charlie is a legend, he has gone on to record and produce many albums co-writing etc. You can follow his bio on I am mentioning him because I selected him to produce my debut album. My decision was based on shopping around and choosing the one producer who was the best fit for me. He is an amazing talent, guitarist, writer and singer. He is perfect for my style, he is close to home, and a lot of fun to work with. And no project is too small. If you have ever had in interest in producing your own work, or co-writing or collaborating consider Charlie Karp. I can offer you a referral and get you on his schedule, or you of course can contact him directly. Please tell him I mentioned him to you. It is all about good Karma and people helping each other.

I appreciate your support and interest in in my music.  Soon I we will have the album ready for release.  And be sure that Charlie Karp will be all over singing and playing too! Releasing an album is a huge step for me and I am both excited and a bit apprehensive. So far based on some market analysis, the reviews are very positive. I wanted to share a life-long accumulation of songs that I wrote and I am also currently writing. Writing music and producing is an extremely positive experience for me, and I recommend you try it, or at least some sort of artwork. Do it now, because we all “Never Know!”

The first track we cut is this one. .. below is a "Pre-Release" version of "It's Her Eyes" which is not mixed down but I really like this version with my producer Charlie Karp playing bass and singing background vocals.. let me know if you like it! And please share this blog! This song is a "chill out and look your girl's eyes" type of song~

I hope to see you soon and if you want me to stop these emails just say so, if you DO like them, please say so too!

Take Care,


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Jan 30, 2015 Proud Mary's - Inn at Newtown - Newtown CT - Production & Album Update...

19 Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470 (203) 270-1876
Charlie Karp

CHARLIE IS AN AMAZING PRODUCER. And, Charlie IS AN AMAZING ARTIST HIMSELF AND KNOWS A LOT OF GREAT ARTISTS. That is a perfect combination for a great producer.The cool thing about music is it opens so many doors. People who have been in the entertainment business are sharing their talent, tips, tricks and stories with me and it is getting insane.

To put it in perspective realize Buddy Miles was the drummer with "Band of Gypsys" 

Buddy Miles

Band of Gypsys included Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix had already released "Electric Lady Land". After the Band of Gypsys, Buddy Miles recruited Charlie Karp.  Charlie recorded four albums with Miles in two years including the legendary Them Changes. He toured internationally with Buddy Miles, including opening for Jimi Hendrix. Charlie toured with "The Buddy Miles Band" as a teenager, They recorded two albums.

This is my favorite video of Chalie Karp with Buddy Miles. Charlie is the tall kid on the left side of the stage (stage right),  with the lead guitar chewing gum playing his heart out with Buddy Miles at the Playboy After dark TV show!

Buddy Miles- Playboy After Dark 1971 - YouTube

...Time Travel to Now...

Flash forward to 2014/15 - Charlie Karp is producing my new album. This is a great combination!~

Scott Bounty & Charlie Karp

Charlie Karp bangin' on my Tele'

The Board at "CK Studios"

I am learning so much about production from Charlie and Mark. Charlie plays guitar, banjo, keyboards and is a great singer and producer, and Mark Rudzinski is a great sound engineer and amazing drummer.

Mark Rudinsksi as Head Sound Engineer on the Album
Mark Rudzinski is doing the sound production on my new album. Mark told me yesterday he and Charlie aredoing production for the live shows for "The Weight" (former members of "The Band"). Then Mark  
told me he is doing sound for "Dicky Betts" this year.. WOW . I don't know about you, but stories like these
really "get me off".

Back to my new album: I have written all the songs and Charlie has co-written one. Depending on how it sounds best, and what parts we use Charlie is singing backup on all of them and playing some guitar on all with me singing and playing guitar also. Mark plays the drums on most. Charlie also plays bass on all of them so far.

Charlie Karp working guitar work for my new album.  Nov 2014. CK Studios Fairfield CT

We have some ideas about bringing in other musicians and instruments. That will be the 'icing on the cake' so to speak. We are recording at "CK Studios" (Charlie Karp Studios) in Fairfield and in Stratford CT. We are also talking about some music video recording for promotion on the album.

The collaboration is amazing, and the chemestry also. That is why I asked Charlie to be a special guest for the Jan 30, 2015 show at Proud Mary's in Newtown. I always wanted to play with Charlie, but now that we know eachother better the time is right or "ripe" LOL

Charlie on some "Wicked Slide"

We have not finalized the set list, but it will include some of his songs, some of mine and some from the new album and several covers. The show will feature Charlie's singing some backup and playing as the album will but it will not be all my writing. Some secret new songs will be shared if I have anything to do with it. I expect we will do "It's Her Eyes" which is the Reggae style song for the album I wrote:

"In the dark of the night...when the feelin' is right.."

 Video of Studio Work With Charlie Karp Producing

Even if you can't get to the show Jan 30, keep an eye and ear out for the new material unfolding. If you 
have contacts in Radio, TV, Film or any Sound Production and Publishing please let me know. I\we own 
the rights to the new songs so whoever offers a great deal can share in the rewards!

Thanks for reading and I always look forward to hearing from you. Charlie Karp is an amazing Emmy 
winning Producer. If you, or someone you know needs production work, please let me know. I can hook 
you up!

Keep on Rockin' and living your dreams. We only get one ride in this life so ya better make it fun for yourself... Just my two cents....

PS: Here is the promo on the FRIDAY JAN 30 SHOW