Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It all comes down to having fun!

I hope everyone is having a great Spring 2015. I know I am, and June is my favorite month.. Probably from getting out of school and skipping class and swimming in Great Pond and hang’in in the Barn playing music and pool and camping and, and, and….

I may be 54 years old, but I still feel 18 most of the time. That can’t be more than true this coming weekend. I will be hosting “Songwriter’s Night” at the Lumberyard Pub in West Redding CT, Saturday June 13th, starting at 9PM. This is a platform for you songwriter’s to show your stuff. You can perform and share your ORIGINAL MUSIC. You can have the stage to yourself or we can back you up. We have a full band and this Saturday we will leaning Reggae with some great players who know their stuff.

Then Sunday June 14th,   2015 1PM - 4PM the “UNCOVERED BAND” will be hitting the stage outside at the Lumberyard to kick off “Lumberfest” part of the “Georgetown Day” celebrations in Georgetown CT. This is an annual street festival. Follow the signs and check out Bobby Paltauf’s band after us at 4PM.

A blend of Jam Band, Blues, Funk and Rock -“UNCOVERED” features; Anthony Benny (Bass, Vocals) , Winston Wisehart (Sax, Vocals), John K (Keyboards), Chris Pike (Drums) myself on Guitar and Vocals and some special surprise guests. We are a formation of what has come out of the Songwriter’s nights that we host every second Saturday night at the Lumberyard Pub.

Other music news includes work on my album with Charlie Karp producing and co-writing. Charlie (Buddy Miles Band, Slo Leak, etc.) is a Emmy Award winning writer, musician, guitarist and producer. He has jammed with Jimmy Hendrix, and he knows Keith Richards very closely. He also has done work with Aerosmith, and co-wrote with Danny “Kootch” Korchmar , who has written with James Taylor, Carol King, Don Henley to name a few. Danny wrote “Dirty Laundry” by the Eagles, and “All She Wants to Do is Dance”, among many hits.
So, Charlie and I have been writing, and laying down tracks for the album and now I have decided to release a 5 track EP. I was going for the full album deal, but the material is so full of great songs I have to release it sooner. I just can’t wait. I have waited over 35 years to release an album and the time is now.

That is the gonna be the name of the album “The Time is Now”.  Sort of a reference to “Living in the Moment”.

5 Track EP PLANNED RELEASE DATE: July/Aug 2015
Artwork by Anna Roberts
ALBUM TITLE: “The Time Is Now”

1.       Questions **
2.       Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio *
3.       Jesus On The Phone **
4.       It’s Her Eyes *
5.       What We’ve Got **

     * Written By Scott Bounty
     ** Written By Scott Bounty & Charlie Karp
        Produced By Charlie Karp
        Senior Sound Engineer – Mark Rudzinski
        Sound Engineer - Will Early

Extended versions will be available via the CD sleeve instructions.

What is interesting is how the album has made me review many things in my life and how important it is to do the things that really, really make me happy. If there is one message I can share with you is to do the same. Not only has writing the new material really helped me focus, but I realize the rest of my life is shaping up right alongside of the music. Things were not the best before I started it. The economy took a big toll on our lifestyle. That being said, we made it and are better now for it. I really hope you all are doing great.

Please come out and support not only our shows but the other local shows in your area. Local musicians work very hard for very little money, sometimes none. Buying indie albums and supporting local arts is really, really important. Especially for the younger artists, they rock!
Here is some artwork for the song “Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio” that Anna Roberts did for me. It holds many clues about the song and the message. Can you find the clues? The song is available along with “It’s Her Eyes” on my website to listen to and download as singles.  I am happy to say Charlie has generated some strong interest from some very important publishers for our songs.

Please go to my website and register for updates and free music and promotional items. If anyone knows any production and music distribution teams let me know. I am very interested in finding the right help. I am also developing a website to share with Publishers, Artists and Producers who are interested in licensing our music. More on that later!

A really big show coming up for me is "The Devon Allman After Show Jam" I am hosting at the Crown and Hammer Pub. Go to my website for details. I have been fortunate enough to become good friends with Devon Allman. He has a great solo album out called "Ragged & Dirty". It hit #4 on the Billboard Blues Charts in 2014. I SEE WHY! So he agreed to SIT IN for a few songs July 16th after his show at the Bridge Street Live Cafe in Collinsville CT. We start at 10:00PM and will be jammin with Devon (One Way Out, etc) and some great ideas have been floating around... He rocks. Find him online. He is Gregg Allman's son.

So thanks for reading, stay strong, and stay focused on having fun, healthy and happy! Feel free to email me or call me just to talk. I really like that!

PS: Mountain Jam with Grace Potter and Robert Plant Headlining was amazing. If you have ever done Mountain Jam in Hunter NY you know. If you have not, you will have to do it. If you do, text me I will be there next year “God willin’ and if the creek don’t rise”.

PSS: The new band is looking for gigs. We really like private parties and outdoor shows. We also book as duos, and smaller acts. Just shoot me an email at or text/call 203-885-6174.

PSSS: I bought a new Taylor 314ce Grand Auditorium Cutaway acoustic-electric guitar I am very happy about. Come out and tell me if it sounds ok.. J


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