Sunday, August 23, 2015

ALBUM RELEASE NEWS - by Carly Stevens

Artwork: Anna Roberts


ARTIST: Scott Bounty
PRODUCED BY: Charlie Karp
ENGINEER: Mark Rudzinski  



Scott Bounty
The five song EP will feature two songs written by Scott Bounty and three songs co-written by Charlie Karp and Scott Bounty. Sound engineering and mixing was handled by Mark Rudzinski.

In the style of Folk Rock, Jam Band, Country and Blues along with some eclectic sounds, Scott will be releasing the five song EP in the Fall of 2015. The exact date is to be announced. The songs represent and culmination of chord progressions and concepts started decades ago. "Now's The Time" refers to a long time in the waiting for new material to be shared by Scott who has been performing for over 30 years. It also references an important phenomenon of 'Living in the Moment'.

"Charlie Karp's enthusiasm and experience shines on each cut with his performance and collaboration with me. He has definitely brought the best out in the material." said Scott. "Recording started in October 2014 on a TASCAM DP-03SD 8-track Digital Portastudio and ended up in two Fairfield County studios with hours of detailed layers, including banjos, keyboards, a 1936 Gibson (on Midnight Radio, Midnight Radio), a National steel guitar and live percussion to round out the textures and sounds." He said.

Mark Rudzinski

Mark Rudzinski, who does live sound for "The Band" members touring as "The Weight" has added his decades of experience on each track by recording, mixing and his percussion work. Charlie plays bass, guitars, banjo and provides vocal harmonies and backup. Details in the studio can be heard on each cut. "These guys are really precise. I learned so much in each session. There was the perfect balance of give and take, and mutual idea exchange. I would not change a thing. Being new in the studio all my ideas ending up being really long songs, like 8 minutes. We had to cut them down for the album. But we decided to offer extended versions online with the purchase of the album. So in essence everyone is getting ten songs. Each one will have an extended version online." he said.

Charlie Karp playing Scott's '75 Tele Deluxe
  Scott covers lead vocals, acoustic guitars and electric guitars. "I played Charlie's Stratocaster and he played my Telecaster on one cut, and I played a new Taylor C14 which I purchased the week before recording on 'What Matters'. Charlie and I go back and forth on some leads, I play the Taylor, he plays his Strat and we reversed his parts which give it a truly psychedelic feel. Charlie has jammed with Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, toured with Buddy Miles and co-wrote and performed with Danny Kortchmar.... Is it a thrill to play and work with Charlie Karp? You better believe it!" Said Scott.

Purchase of the album will include links to online interviews, studio recordings, pre-mixes and alternative mixes, along with back stories and details on upcoming CD Release Parties, Private Concerts and Promotional discounts, tickets and other advance information.

"We started recording in October in 2014. This was delayed by some equipment issues in the studio, however some of the most creative sessions came from that collaborative time. Charlie and I agreed to have some 'pre-production' sessions which proved priceless to the value of the material. Sometimes recording studios are strictly business with predefined plans. I intentionally did not want that. Knowing how experienced Charlie is, I knew anything I could glean from his craft would be all icing on the cake. What I did not expect was the level of collaboration and great chemistry we developed." said Scott.

While working over the months on the album, Charlie Karp, Scott Bounty, Winston Wisehart and Anthony Bennie jammed out at the Inn at Newtown in Newtown CT as seen here:


More information and album purchase information, along with exclusive download links and promotional material can be found on Scott's website . There you can sign up to be on a release mailing list to ensure instant notification on the album drop date and other details.

Written by: Carly Stevens

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